Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Great Thundersnow of 2011

Along with every other person in Chicago, I have decided to release my own personal pictures of the blizzard that has hit us here. It started blowing snow yesterday and today shows no signs of letting up. And yes, there was actually thundersnow last night. As in a thunderstorm while it was snowing. It was crazy, let me tell you.

Yesterday, sensing the enormity of this occasion, I took this "already been snowing but let's call it a 'before' picture anyway" picture with my phone.

Our cute little car, relatively untouched by the snowy drifts

This morning, I tried to recreate the picture, to no avail.

Too much snow on the screen means bad phone pictures

Not worried yet, I grabbed my big camera and saw what I could see out my window

There's my little snow covered bumblebee
Our dining room windows, nicely frosted

A snowy, icy tree

Some cars that have made nice little snow burrows for themselves
That was all well and good, but I wanted to get out there! I wanted to be a part of everything! There's no point in living throw the snowpocalypse if you don't actually go out in the snow, right? So I bundled up, grabbed my camera, and started down the staircase...

Staircase window, doesn't look too bad from here...

Uh oh, Chicago, we have a problem... the front door was not looking promising

Yeah... that's like a 4 foot snow drift at our front door... and I'm only 5' 2"

There, I want to get out there! How do I get there?

The elusive sidewalk

I knew there must be a way out. There just had to be. There were dogsledding children laughing and screaming out there. Surely their front doors had been snowy and blocked in too? Or maybe they had Dads around to shovel such things... Bother. I was Dad-less and shovel-less.

Then I had an epiphany. The back door! Down the scary wooden stairway I never used except to take trash out! Surely that wasn't also closed in. Because if it was, then I was well and truly stuck inside our apartment for the next 24 hours or so, and then I was going to have to dig a snow tunnel to get to class tomorrow.

The back door view, however, did not look promising

Want to add some weatherstripping to that door there mr. landlord?
But once opened, success! I was free!

So, I promptly took some photos of my car and of the crazy snowy sidewalks, and then went right back to my warm, cozy apartment

These are almost knee-high boots, mind you
I leave you with this tidbit of the storm last night. Note the blowing trees and the snow-swept cars. The wind was blowing so hard that the snow wasn't sticking to the cars, so it looks like nothing was happening. But it was. Also note the man bravely walking home through it all. Well done, sir.


And that's all for now! But here's the kicker... it's still snowing. If I really do get stuck here, I'll probably need one of you to bring me a shovel.


  1. Wow!! I took what I thought were some crazy pictures, but your picture of the snow literally blocking your front door is insane!

  2. Yeah, it was pretty crazy. I love your snow covered ivy picture though!

  3. Cassia - thanks for the pictures into your life!! That's so crazy. My So-Cal brain has NO clue what that's like - all I think of with snow is that I want to go play in it...I don't think I'd ever survive living in it! ;) Keep posting - love it!