Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm Back! With a Wine Dinner to Boot!

Hello world!

I am finally back to the world of blogging. I know it's been forever, and you'll have to excuse me for that. A little thing called a PhD program has gotten in the way. But who needs to spend more of their life studying when there is perfectly good blogging to be done? That's my attitude at this moment, anyway.

I've missed sharing my life and my table with you all lately, so here is a post to whet your appetites, as it were, for what's to be coming your way this semester.

Since I had to cancel the seasonal winter wine tasting, we hosted a progressive wine dinner instead, to kind of take its place. It was wonderful. Our friends all pitched in to help make the courses and I picked out some wines I hoped paired well with each one. A grand time was had by all and I highly recommend that you host something similar very soon... and hopefully invite me to it :).

Our menu was as follows: garlicky spinach and artichoke dip with a nice dry rose, butternut squash bisque with a chard/viognier blend, turkey bolognese with a montepulciano d'abruzzo, and chocolate chip pizookie with a zin/cab/petitie sirah/syrah blend. Everything was incredible (we have good cook friends) and I think the wines went quite nicely. I'll save the pictures and such of the wines for future cheap wines of the weeks but here are some pictures of the prep and the dinner to share with you all! Enjoy!

The tablescape

On sale Christmas ornaments that are still good for winter!
Everyone got their own snowflake, no two alike :)
Elissa's amazing spinach and artichoke dip
Heather's equally amazing butternut squash bisque

Delicious pizookie to finish off the night

We love our friends!
 Have a great night!


  1. Horray for blogging! What beautiful photos. Makes me hungry and thirsty for wine!

  2. I'm so glad you're back! =) School work is overrated anyway, heh heh. And now I'm curious--what is pizookie??

  3. Thanks friends! Jenna, Pizookie = pizza + cookie. It's cookie dough baked in a pizza pan with ice cream melted on it. Pretty incredible.